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a.   From where can I download the First Citizen Mobile Application?
BlackBerry Handsets- You can download it from the Blackberry application store, Android Market or from iTunes apss. Just search for “First Citizen”

2.  Compatibility

a.  What handsets are compatible with this application?
Handsets running Blackberry (4.6 version and above), Android (2.2 version and above) & I Phone  (all OS version).

b.  I have a Nokia/Windows phone. Can I use the FirstCitizen application on it?
Not currently.

c.  What plan do I need on my mobile to connect to access my data?
All you need is a data plan that allows GPRS access on your handset. Of course your handset should be GPRS compatible

3.  Install

a.  Can I install the application on two handsets at the same time?
Every First Citizen number is mapped to one Mobile number. Therefore you can use it on only one handset at a time. 

b.  How do I un-install the application?
For Blackberry: Go to Options>Advanced Options>Applications. Select FirstCitizen. Press Blackberry Menu and Select Delete.
For Android: Go to Applications > Manage Applications > Select First Citizen > Uninstall
For iOS: Connect your phone to iTunes > Select your phone name > Apps > Delete the application from your phone > Sync

c.  I am not a Shoppers Stop First Citizen. Can I still use the First Citizen application?
Yes. Just leave the First Citizen number field blank while registering and enter all other details. You can view Promotions available in this mode.

d.  What should the Network Setting on Blackberry be in order to use the First Citizen Application
The Network setting on the BlackBerry handset should be set at “BIAS Enabled”

4.  Register

a.  How do I register?
After installing the application and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you would be asked for five fields i.e. Mobile #,  First Name, Last Name, First Citizen # and Country. Once you enter these correctly, you should receive a text message (SMS) containing a verification code. Enter the verification code and you’re done.

b.  What is this verification code?
The verification code is for your safety. It is to ensure that no other person installs the First Citizen application with your details on their phone

c.   I am in the Do Not Disturb (DND) list. Will I still get the Verification Code by SMS
Yes you will since the Verification Code has been explicitly requested by you

d.   What does the de-register option do?
This option wipes out the five fields entered by you during registration i.e. Mobile #,  First Name, Last Name, First Citizen # and Country from your handset.

e.   My current Mobile number is not updated in my First Citizen Profile. Can I still register?
At the time of first registration your mobile should match the one in your profile info. If this is not so, then please get it updated at the Customer Service desk at your nearest  Shoppers Stop store. Once you have the application you can use it to update your personal details anytime it changes.

f.   What happens when I get a Citibank Co-brand card?
Soon after you get your Citibank Co-brand card, you’ll receive a Text message from Shoppers Stop. At that time simply re-register with your New card number

g.   What if I do not update my Citibank Co-brand card number in the application?
No problem, we’ll still recognize you at the store even if you quote one of your older card numbers. Any profile changes you made will reflect against your new card and your points balance will still be updated with details of your latest purchase
h. On my Android phone the keyboard is getting in the way while registering and I can’t make it go away
Use the phone’s back key to make the keyboard disappear

5.  Use

a.  What can I do with the First Citizen Application?
At this time you can use the First Citizen Application:
1.   As a substitute for your First Citizen card
2.   Check your points balance
3.   Check out the latest promotions on your favorite brands
4.   Update your profile information
There are many more features in the pipeline.

b.  Can I scan the bar code off the phone at the Shoppers Stop billing desk?
On most handsets you can. However in case there is some problem, you can read out your First Citizen number from below the bar code displayed on the handset
c. Can I use the app in lieu of the card for redeeming points at the store?
Not currently

d.  What is the process for updating my profile information with my current mobile number?
Using your existing mobile number, just go to the profile section of the application and update the new mobile number. You should receive a verification code on the new number. Type in this verification code on your handset and you are good to go.

e.  Why can’t I see any promotions in the Promotions module of the First Citizen application?
This would be because there are no promotions currently on at the store

f.  How do I know when a new feature becomes available?
The respective app stores would send you notifications. Also please friend us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/shoppersstopindia) or Follow us on Twitter(@shoppersstop). We’ll keep posting updates here

g. Any point of contact for reporting errors or Support queries related to the application?
You can write to us on (mobile@shoppersstop.com)  for any kind of Support, Suggestions or comments related to application.


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