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Terms & Conditions for First Citizen Black Card
1. All terms & conditions pertaining to the First Citizen Program shall be applicable to the First Citizen Black Card/Member along with the additional terms & conditions mentioned below. Furthermore, the detailed terms & conditions and benefits shall be available on www.corporate.shoppersstop.com, which shall be subject to revision as per the discretion of Shoppers Stop Limited.
2. The Shoppers Stop First Citizen Black (Black Card) is a membership tier available through application only and on payment of requisite annual fees (application/renewal) that may be laid out and revised by Shoppers Stop from time-to-time.
3. The First Citizen Black is an individual/family card and cannot be owned/purchased/used by an Institution/Company or their representatives. No benefits/privileges including reward points & discounts, pertaining to the First Citizen Black card will be made available to such institutions/companies or their representatives. Also, bulk purchases through First Citizen Black do not qualify for earning 10% more rewards (discount as reward points) and such reward points credited (if any) against said purchase, will be reversed by Shoppers Stop Limited. Bulk purchase is defined as high value/volume purchases (of any one SKU or set of SKU’s) as determined by Shoppers Stop Limited.
4. A First Citizen Black cardholder may avail of Complimentary Associate Cards for Family Members. Up to 2 complimentary Associate First Citizen Black Cards can be availed on a Primary First Citizen Black Card.
5. A First Citizen Black Card membership shall be valid for a period of one year from the enrolment/renewal date as reflected in the Shoppers Stop system. The membership will have to be renewed every year. Upon non-renewal of the membership for the First Citizen Black Card at the end of its validity period, the member shall be given the status of ‘First Citizen Golden Glow Member’ and all the terms & conditions along with the benefits of ‘Golden Glow Card’ shall only be applicable.
6. Earning Reward Points on the First Citizen Black Card shall be as per the Shoppers Stop First Citizen Program, which may be revised from time-to-time by Shoppers Stop. Reward Points earned by a First Citizen Black cardholder should be redeemed within the validity of the First Citizen Black Card membership period, as stated on the First Citizen Black Card, after which the Reward Points will automatically lapse.
7. Free parking is also available for Shoppers Stop First Citizen Black members on presenting a valid Shoppers Stop First Citizen Black Card*. Free parking is by way of Parking charges reimbursable (as First Citizen reward points) against purchases at Shoppers Stop. Parking coupon value will be considered as equivalent to the base parking fee applicable (minimum/first slab of parking fee)
8. If a First Citizen Black cardholder wishes to discontinue his card prior to the card validity date, which is permissible only within 30 days of the card enrolment date, and in such case the refund of the balance payment of the joining fees will be paid to the customer as points/cash, as per the decision of Shoppers Stop, post adjustment done with points availed/redeemed during the 30 day period. For the purpose of these terms & conditions, the term ‘balance payment’ shall mean ‘difference’ between First Citizen Black Card membership fee for the period and point benefits if earned and redeemed during the first 30 day period following the date of enrolment as a First Citizen Black Member.
9. Shoppers Stop Ltd. reserves the right to refuse/cancel/terminate/withdraw membership to First Citizen Black at its own discretion and without assigning any reason whatsoever. And all benefits/privileges and accumulated/existing reward points will cease to exist and Shoppers Stop Ltd. will not be liable to entertain/accept any claim pertaining to such refusal/cancellation/termination/withdrawal.


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