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Shoppers Stop promotional scheme


Terms & Conditions:

 1) This  Promotional Scheme is valid only at "the retail store under the name “Shoppers Stop” of Shoppers Stop Ltd. (SSL) at Viviana Mall, Godbunder Road, Village Punchpakhade, Thane & Metro Junction Mall, Kalyan Shil Phata Road,  Netivali Kalyan East, (the said stores) and is open only to Indian citizens residing in India (Promotional Scheme).

 2) One Lucky draw coupon will be issued to customers under the Promotional Scheme for every net purchase of not less than Rs. 5000/- (Five Thousand Only) and in multiples thereof that is tendered in a single day through single cash memos on purchase from the said stores. For part of Rs. 5000/- (Five Thousand Only) no coupon will be tendered. The net purchase value of Rs.5000/- and above will be arrived at after deducting all applicable discounts. Purchase of SSL Gift Vouchers (GV)/ SSL Gift Cards/ SSL Electronic Gift Vouchers does make one eligible to participate in the promotional scheme but purchases through redemption of SSL GVs / SSL Gift Card/ SSL Electronic Gift Vouchers/ partner GVs / credit notes does not make one eligible to participate in the promotional scheme.

 3) The promotional scheme is valid from the 1st March 2018 to 31st March 2018 (both days inclusive) (Hereinafter referred to as the “promotional scheme period”). There will be lucky draw conducted at the said store, which is open to all customers who have participated in the Promotional Scheme. The lucky draw shall be held on 3rd April 2018 at Shoppers Stop Ltd. (SSL) at the Thane & Kalyan store and name of the winner of the lucky draw will be displayed at the said store. Only coupons complete in every respect will be considered valid and all promotional scheme coupons received will remain the property of SSL. The decision of SSL shall be final and binding in this regard.

4) The prizes under the promotional scheme for  Thane store are as follows: 1) 1 Nos, Bosch Make Refrigerator of 400 + capacity Model : KGN57AI40I, ) 2) 1 Nos, Bosch make Top loading washing machine 7kgs Model : WOE704WOIN 3) 1 Nos, Bosch make Dishwasher 12 plate setting Model : SMS60L12IN, Prize   for Kalyan Store are as follows :-1 Nos, Bosch Make Refrigerator of 300 + capacity Model : KDN43VS30I, The Prizes must be claimed by the winners within 30 (thirty) days from the date of lucky draw, else the prizes shall be given away to another back up winner whose name shall be displayed at the said store.

 5) Prizes cannot be transferred. These cannot be substituted for cash or other articles.

 6) Purchases through use of discount coupons, point certificates and credit notes do not make one eligible to participate in the promotional scheme. A customer is eligible to participate in the promotional scheme on purchase of Gift vouchers/Gift cards/ Electronic Gift Vouchers, but not on redemption of the same.

 7) SSL reserves its right to provide the unclaimed prize to back up winners at the sole discretion of SSL. If the winner fails to claim prizes then the backup winner(s) shall be eligible for the prizes, whose name shall be displayed at the said stores after the lapse of 30 (thirty) days from the date of announcement of  winners.

 8) The promotional scheme is not valid on purchase as well as against redemption on mobile phones and mobile phone accessories, 22 & 24 karat gold of any brand, gold jewelry and coins.

9) Prizes are subject to the laws of India and applicable taxes, as may be applicable to the winners. All taxes including TDS as may be applicable under the Indian Taxation laws, etc. shall be borne by the winners before claiming their respective prizes.

10) Quality/Service of the prizes is as certified by the manufacturer /sponsorer of the product and/or services rendered. SSL does not give any guarantee or take any responsibility and / or liability for the same and in event of any query or complaint pertaining to the prizes; it should be taken up directly with the manufacturer/sponsorer. SSL does not undertake any liability and/or responsibility for the same.

11) Winner of the  Prize residing within India but outside Indore shall be liable to bear the costs of travel from their residence to Indore store and back.

 12) The registration, Optional Accessories insurance, taxes, Octroi, other applicable levies and all other incidental expenses, costs and charges on the prizes, if any under this promotional scheme are to be borne by the respective winners and paid by the winners before claiming the prize(s). SSL shall not be held liable and/or responsible for the same. SSL is not liable and/or responsible for any of the prizes given along with the prize given as  Prize as mentioned in this Promotional Scheme. The TDS/taxes to be borne and paid by the winner to SSL before claiming the prize. The cheque/ demand draft towards TDS may be in favor of Shoppers Stop Limited Payable at Indore. Colour and description of the product/prizes may vary as per availability of the stock. SSL shall not be held liable and/or responsible for the same. Any complaint /query relating to the aforesaid Prize must be directly taken up with Distributors. at, Mr. Ranjeet,  email id :- Ranjeet@inneerspaceinterior.com

13) Employees and family members of SSL and all associated companies and their agencies are not eligible to participate in the promotional scheme.

14) While claiming the prize, the winner must surrender the counter part of the original coupon with the matching coupon number, written and valid proof of identity and original cash memo(s) relevant to the qualifying purchase(s) for the entry into the promotional scheme. The prizes shall be handed to respective winners only upon the completion of the formalities.

15) SSL reserves the right to add, alter, modify, change or vary any of the terms & conditions or to replace wholly or in part this promotional scheme by another scheme whether similar to this promotional scheme or not or to withdraw this promotional scheme altogether without any notice.

16) Participants and / or the winner will not hold SSL responsible and/ or  liable for any actions, claims, demands, damages defects, deficiency, losses, costs, charges and expenses which a participant and / or winner may suffer, sustain or incur by way of the promotional scheme or connected with the prizes, gifts or their collection, use, operation and / or application.

17) In the event on non-happening of the promotional scheme for reasons beyond anybody’s control or due to the Act of God, then neither SSL, nor its Directors, Managers, staff, employees, agents, sponsors nor their agents, successors or assigns shall be liable to all or any of the customers and / or participants and / or the winners and/ or any other person associated with this promotional scheme.

 18) All winners will be notified individually as per the details provided by the participants to SSL in the lucky draw coupon and a list of winners will be displayed in the said store.

19) Upon being intimated the winners must complete and execute all the necessary documentation, indemnity formalities, liability agreement and writings as required by SSL and/ or Sponsor which will be informed to the winner at the time the prize is being offered.

20) The value of prizes stated at the time of the lucky draw are declared by the vendor or manufacturer or sponsorer of the prizes or service provider and SSL does not undertake any responsibility for the same.

21) Dispute arising from the above promotional scheme is subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only.

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